Where Did That Thought Come From?

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It is estimated that we think between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. Thank God all the thoughts I have throughout the day are not recorded. If someone were to read them I would run screaming out of fear of what they would think of me. If I was unknowingly given a summary of my own thoughts, I would probably wonder who the poor idiot is.

A number of the thoughts I have in a day are externally caused by watching the news, talking with my wife and daughters, reading the newspaper, or checking in on Facebook. The list is endless.

Some thoughts are internally driven. Of these thoughts the most powerful ones are those that are caused by seemingly hidden thought generators: my beliefs. Like the studs behind the drywall in my house, just because I don’t see them does not mean they are not there or not playing a critical part in what I see and understand.

The fact that thoughts are being formed by my beliefs is not the problem — it is simply a fact. The problem arises when I have beliefs that are not serving myself, work or the ones I love. Just because I don’t see or physically touch my beliefs does not mean I and others are not experiencing them.

I try to pay attention when I have thoughts that are holding me back or not positive in nature. Recurring thoughts are like breadcrumbs that lead me back to their origin, a faith or belief that is not allowing me to grow, change, or evolve into a better person. I can be surprised by the belief that I find in this process because often I am not consciously aware that it is going on.

Over the next two weeks pay attention to recurring thoughts about work. Write them down. Seeing what you think on paper can allow you to experience them differently. Follow the thoughts back to the source — their headwater. The more we understand our beliefs and participate in their continuation and creation, the better we are for it.

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  • Jim Burnett

    I often have reoccurring thoughts with significant meanings that come in the form of reoccurring dreams. They persist until I act on them.

  • Anna Griffin

    Looooove this!!! I truly believe- we are what we think. Look around- what does our life look like? It’s all a direct result of our thoughts and beliefs- many of which are subconscious. The good news- we can rewire our beliefs and ideals to match who we truly are, and want to become, and release what no longer serves us.

  • Jennifer

    I agree about not focusing on them. Over the years I have written them down and they seem to let me throw them away, because I own them outside of my head.
    I have been using a app on my iphone that helps me learn to stop focusing too many things. http://www.getsomeheadspace.com/

    Great Article

    • Jim Dwyer

      I will have to check out the app- thank you for letting me know about it.

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