“When we are advancing our inner life, we are also giving to the ones who mean the most to us.”

– Jim Dwyer

When you first began practicing law, did you ever stop to think about your inner life? Or has that gotten lost somewhere along the way, under the ever-increasing pressure of deadlines and billable hours?

Have you ever felt that there could be – should be – MORE than this?

The truth is, work is meant to serve us.

And your work is no different.

Even if you’ve forgotten this – or don’t know how your work can serve you better.

As lawyers, we know the power of questions. It’s how we understand our client and their case. It’s how we advocate for them, tell a story and cross-examine. It’s how we succeed.

The questions we ask ourselves are no different. They are driving our lives.

When representing a client, we each bring our unique vision and approach. The answers to how work best serves our lives are just as valuable. It takes awareness to understand what works best for each of us. Sometimes it takes making mistakes – even more than once – for us to get it.

My goal is to inspire you to ask questions that you may have stopped asking, forgot to ask, are afraid to ask or simply haven’t thought to ask.

Questions like:

  • How can the practice of law make you more fulfilled?
  • How do you integrate your life and work, rather than keeping them separate?
  • How can your work serve you living your best life?
  • What lights you up and how can you bring that into your daily practice of law?
  • How would it make you feel if you were happier in your work?

Maybe this sounds familiar:

“I never really thought about seeing work as a way to help me live my best life. That work can be about more than doing a good job, making good money and the fulfillment I get from helping my clients.”

“I have always thought that circumstances were going to have to change – like a new job or different people to work with – in order to make work be about me living my best life.”

You don’t have to wait for your circumstances to change. Wherever you are on the continuum of loving or hating your work, you CAN effect great change where you are and I’ll show you how.

4 Ways to Engage with Me to Tip the Scales in Your Favor:

Explore It: Apply my Law-Life Project Practices

Before we can take any action in representing a client, we have to conduct an investigation. If we don’t fully understand what they are looking for and the facts of their circumstances, we can’t do our best job. We have to dig and probe.

The same is true when making the practice of law part of living our best life. The better we understand what we are looking for and what circumstances are hindering us, the easier we can take action. That’s why I created the Law-Life Project Practices.

Start with the Best Life Investigation and move on from there at the pace that best suits you. I find that I go through periods of time that I can focus more on affecting greater change in my life. Sometimes I’m simply not in a place in my life that I can give the necessary time and energy – and that’s ok. I’ve learned to recognize the signs and signals in my life when this kind of self-exploration will be most valuable. The first step is to start and the key is to return again and again to the practice of self-inquiry and discovery.


Hear About It: Speaking

Being with like-minded people is one of the best ways I find to affect understanding and change within myself that I can’t by working alone. Having both is ideal for me to live my truest life.

My intention is to contribute to the movement of attorneys seeing the practice of law about being more.

The more we think, act and talk about, the more it becomes part of our reality.


Uncover It: Workshops & Group Facilitation

I enjoy really breaking this work down into simple and bite sized pieces for you to apply to your life. By taking the time to explore how you are experiencing your life, you can tell when things are off. You can also tell when things are really on, like you were tuned in to a part of yourself that you don’t experience enough.

So, by recognizing those moments and understanding their source, you can start to seek out those experiences in your daily life. I’ll help you recognize those moments and multiply them in your everyday life. To learn more about booking a Workshop or Group Facilitation, contact me here.


Read About It: Books and Blog

Book – The Caged Truth

Your truths are not out there somewhere else. It just may seem that way. They are all waiting, inside of you, to be discovered. Some truths have been waiting so long they are no longer being patient or quiet, but are demanding your attention by creating anxiety, frustration and a lack of ease. This is the main experience I had with my own “caged truth”.


Blog – The Raised Bar

There is so much we have to do and keep juggling as attorneys that it can be overwhelming at times. The same can be said of trying to affect too many changes in my life – even positive ones. I’ve made too many life changes that lasted a mere 48 hours. With that in mind, I post twice a month so that the process of practicing law and life is not overwhelming for my readers, or me and we all have time to digest and implement the changes we want to make. I hope you are inspired to raise your own bar of life here.


Starting, wherever you are, is what’s most important. Answering the call to living your true life is the next step. Great accomplishment happens through the many small steps it takes to get there.

The practice of law can be about the practice of life.

The Practice of Law is not here to advocate for your best life –

that belongs to each one of us.

If you are looking for someone to help you advocate for your Practice of Life, you’ve come to right place.   Sign up to receive my twice monthly posts + The Law-Life Project Presents: The Bottom Line, a 5-part self investigative series to help you align the practice of law with your practice of life. Join the conversation today and TOGETHER, let’s bring the Practice of Law in line with the Practice of Life.

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