Why It’s Important to Tip the Scales

I want you to take the practice of law personally. Really personally.

It’s not just about your clients, it’s about you.

Practicing law is not easy. It’s competitive, adversarial, demanding and can overtake the rest of our life.

At times it can take more out of us, and the important relationships in our lives, than we seem to get.

If you are looking for more out of law and life, then welcome.

I, too, am interested in the more.

I want to help make the world a better place by being part of how lawyers live their best life. The practice of law can be a part of that process.

I want to help you live your truths. And live them in every aspect of your life, starting with the practice of law.

While we can’t change the practice of law, we can change how we practice law.

Tipping the Scales is about life fulfillment – inside and out. At work, at home, at play. Deep inside. It’s about tipping the scales in your favor.

What I Believe:

Relationships are one of the most powerful forces in our lives – including our relationship to work.

The law holds amazing ideas and principles that we can apply to our life – starting with the fiduciary duties that we give every client.

When we come together with the intent of creating our best life – we can make it happen – no matter how impossible it may seem.


 Before I got here:


  • I built my outer world with a successful law practice but I had not put enough attention towards my inner world.
  • I spent nine years at my first job as an attorney denying a truth about myself – that I wasn’t happy.
  • Continuing to discover the “sweet spots” of who I am and being that with those around me is one of the most powerful ways of living I know.

Why I Began Doing This Work:

In the early 2000’s, I found myself casting about for greater meaning in life. In spite of being happily married, two wonderful daughters and working with an attorney that I greatly respected and cared for – I found myself feeling discontented with my life and the practice of law.

Being a lawyer was such a large force in my daily life that it had to become part of the process of what I would later call living my best life.

It started with listening internally to what experiences and interactions resonated in me. I discovered that I could bring them into my daily practice of law.

What I got back surprised me. Relationships with clients were happening at a deeper level. The more time I spent listening for what resonated in me- the more I found to integrate into my work. I was taking charge of making sure my work was about me being more – transforming work from being a profession where I helped my clients and made a living into part of the process of finding deeper meaning and connection into my life.

And it was just the beginning of how I saw the practice of law intersecting with the rest of my life – in powerfully creative ways.

Life should not be a series of negotiated compromises

to get the minimum you need.

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What I want for you:

My singular interest is helping you
live your best life with your work as an attorney.

For work to be more than a job.

To see how work is one of the most powerful relationships in life.

A way of being you can apply to the daily practice of law.

I want you to place the utmost trust and confidence in yourself to advocate and protect you living your best life.

You are your own guru. There’s no one better made to do this than You.

Here’s why I’m here:


  • To create a space for like-minded attorneys to up-level your work and your life for the better through the way you live
  • To broaden the purposes and reasons for being an attorney into including self-evolvement in the conversation
  • To explore the idea that your work and service in the world also serves YOU
  • To highlight the importance of your relationship to your work – by helping you terraform a work environment that allows you to stay true to who you are
  • To help you apply the practices of law to you living your most fulfilling life

Whether you are happy, miserable, or somewhere in-between, with where you work or the work you do, ultimate personal success – the kind you cannot measure with anything physical – is the prize that the core of your being most yearns for.

It is this idea that I am

most committed to.

This is not an intellectual process … it’s about ongoing research and development to tune into the truths of who you are at your core and what makes you hum.

I believe we’re all really miners on each of our life’s paths.  And you’re never going to find gold, unless you’re digging.

That’s why I’m here.

Let’s start digging.

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“Jim is one of the new breed of lawyers who are redefining the profession. This growing movement of attorneys focuses on building sustainable relationships, on compassion and fairness.  Jim brings a rare listening and empathy to his work because he values human connection.”

J. Kim Wright,
Pioneer of the Integrative Law Movement