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Following is a poem I wrote, “The Caged Truth”, was recently featured in an international lawyer’s  magazine called “The Conscious Lawyer”.  

The magazine is a fresh and visionary publication about law from a conscious perspective. Challenging the status quo about what lawyers do, and can do, and is the trailblazing platform created by the incredibly dedicated and visionary Elaine Quinn in London, England. Here’s a link to the May 2017 edition of her magazine. It’s full of well written articles that are truly inspirational.

You can also find “The Conscious Lawyer” on Facebook as well.

The Caged Truth

It bangs against the cage

Howling loud and long

Doing everything it can

For me to listen


Losing its patience

Waiting to be heard

I do everything I can

To ignore it


All it wants

Is to be set free

So it can live the life  I

That it wants for me


I close my eyes

I cover my ears

I’m not living a lie

But not my Truth either


Only I can unlock the cage

For it was built by my two hands

Only I can set it free

What lives Inside of me


Each bar of the cage

Is a part of me

I even use what I love

To lock it away


At the breaking point

I tear down the cage  a

Terrified as I touch each bar

Afraid of what will come


But the truth

Caged like an animal

does not turn and attack

All it wants is to be a part of me.


—Jim Dwyer, Attorney

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