Superpowers: We All Have Them

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While I’ve never been to a Comic Con event let alone dressed up as a superhero, I confess to being a superhero movie fan. I pretty much see every one. I don’t care how bad the reviews are or how upset the diehard fans may be about the show. If it involves a superhero, I’m there.

Superhero movies tap into a part deep inside of me that wants to surpass the horizon I’ve constructed of who I see myself as and what I’m capable of becoming. The more the plot line ties into overcoming struggles and weaknesses, the more I like it.

The Superheroes of our times are the Gods and Goddess of the Greeks for me. Just because they represent powers that are beyond me, does not mean they can’t inspire me to rise above the mortal vision of myself.

In the movie Man of Steel, Superman’s struggle is the fear of being rejected. One would think that possessing superpowers would make you invincible to what others think of you.

As a boy, Superman’s powers of sight and sound scared and confused him. Through his mother he learned to understand and accept who he is. With his father’s help he came to understand the discipline that his strength requires. As an adult he explores the full nature of his speed and powers. Finally, through battling he realizes his weakness and limitations.

We all possess superpowers. The challenge is recognizing and developing them. One of the ways we are made aware of Superpowers is listening to the internal cues telling us we are being or doing what is in our true nature – this is a life long process that will continue to reveal itself so long as we are tuning in. When we stop paying attention, we run the risk that we stop learning.

I learned 14 years ago what it feels like when I make meaningful connections with my clients. They feel valued and cared for far beyond the legal issue that brought them to me. Every interaction with a client is opportunity for a purposeful interaction.

The more I focused on this in my practice, I increasingly heard back from clients what they were experiencing. When reflecting back on any given week my high points aren’t just winning an arbitration, trial or getting a good settlement – it’s how I make my clients feel. And, in turn, how it makes me feel.

Don’t be fooled, the ability to foster interactions that bring about real connection is a superpower. I know how I feel when the person I’m talking to has my full attention: their eyes meet mine without distraction, I can feel them hearing what I’m really saying and their words are in sync with what I’m looking for or trying to understand. We reduce ourselves, and our clients, when we treat interactions as primarily the transmission of information.

We don’t have to fly or have incredible strength to have superpowers. It’s by finding what brings the greatest meaning in our lives and sharing it with the world that we are Superheroes.

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