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I’m interested in affecting deeper changes within myself. Which is what life is about.

Here are two commandments I’ve learned to create a more meaningful life:

1. Thou Shalt Make It Physical.

Five years ago I participated in my first White Stone Ceremony at the church I go to – Unity of Portland. On the first Sunday after New Year’s Day, we’re given a white stone that’s about the size of a domino.  We are to write on it a word that comes from deep inside of us. (More about that in a minute.)

What I like the most about the white stone, is that I carry it with me everyday. I have it in my pocket right now. Periodically, I’d lose the stone for several days or even weeks in a pair of jeans that I’d tossed in the hamper or a forgotten pair of slacks. (Surprisingly, I found them and still have all of them.)

Each time I reach into my pocket to get my keys, change or cell phone, there it is bringing a flood of positive feelings — not a bunch of “shoulds”.   

At the end of each day I place the stone next to my keys or wallet so I remember to take it with me the next day. This physical daily reminder is key to integrating change.

Any physical reminder will do. Recently, I was showing Amanda Winn, my Tipping the Scales business coach and cheerleader, this year’s whitestone. She told me about a similar idea that Chris Pan has started, by creating, personalized “what’s your word” items through   

2. Thou Shalt Keep It Thin.  

After being handed the white stone, we meditate with an open mind waiting for a word to percolate up. It’s not a rational or logical process. Rather, we quietly listen to this deeper part of ourselves. This isn’t a change process as much as it brings to consciousness what is already inside.

The first year I wrote six words, one for each side of the stone. Since then I’ve  found myself writing fewer words on the stone — which is how it’s supposed to work. If you know me very well, my excitement gets me to go a little overboard.  I can hear my wife, Jan, saying “a little?” This year I finally limited it to one word.  

It’s hard to stay on track when I’m trying to do too much at once.  

Last year “Digging Deep” were the words I wrote on my stone. It was a wonderful reminder that whatever I was doing, I can always go a little deeper. Whether I’m talking to a client, having a conversation with my wife or writing a thank you note to a friend. I receive more when I reach a little farther within myself.

Thoughts, like a tree, have roots that spread out and drill down. When we release what’s already inside of us, it’s a powerful core experience that reminds us of what we’re meant to be in life.

In the weeks before this year’s whitestone ceremony, I pondered this year’s word. I walked into the service thinking “Faith” was it. To my surprise, during the meditation another word came bubbling up — Revealing. As soon as I heard it, I knew that was it.

This year is about revealing to myself, and helping others reveal for themselves, the deeper purpose and meaning in life through the work we do.

Embodying a word that originated in the subterranean part of my being is a profound experience. I encourage you to try it as a way to explore what’s waiting within you to be discovered.

When was the last time you sat and listened for a word, idea, or message that’s rooted in you? A way of being that’s patiently waiting for you to find it and be brought into the outer layers of your life? I never did until the White Stone Ceremony. It’s a surprisingly powerful experience.
If you decide to try it, let me know the word that reveals itself to you.


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