Letting Truth Resonate

 In Living Our Best Life, Office Practice is Life Practice

Inside each one of us reside many Truths. These are Truths that are unique to each person. Yes, there are many truths that we all should follow. But truths with a small “t” are general rules. Don’t lie, always be polite, never speak ill of another person, do unto others as you would have them do unto you or love your neighbor as yourself- are all important truths to follow. They are universal. They apply to everyone. They are good to live by.

The Truths that I speak of with a capital “T” are not universal. They don’t apply to everyone. These are the Truths that reside inside of you. When you hear, see or experience it, there’s this “ping” that goes off inside. You know, that sweet spot, that resonates throughout your being. For me it starts in my chest and moves out to the rest of my body- like the shock wave from an earthquake, they happen deep inside and move out to the surface.

The more Truths I discover about myself the happier I am. They are not hard to find. No special equipment is necessary. You don’t have to go to Costco or Fred Meyer’s to buy anything. It simply requires you to be aware when you experience it and trace it to the cause, or epicenter.

Once the research of finding your Truth is done, the development (the fun part) begins. I start to look for ways to bring it into as many aspects of my life as possible. Here’s an example. I love to connect with people as deeply as I can. When I’m doing that, I am at my happiest. But most of my work requires me to sit behind my desk reading statutes, emails, writing letters, taking phone calls and reviewing files with Stephanie (my legal assistant).

While I love the work I do as an attorney, many of the tasks I do each day seem untied with my Truths. If I’m willing to dig a little deeper, I can inject them into my day’s work. When talking with a client I find a way to create a meaningful connection beyond answering the question they called with. I go into another attorney’s office down the hall, sit down and talk with them – all the while looking for something meaningful to discuss. When meeting with Stephanie I try to make sure that I focus on her and not get distracted by the phone or email. That is how I let her know she has a meaningful role in my life- I’m constantly working on this one.

The point is, the more ways I find to plug my Truths into each workday, the more I feel happy at my core. Finding these plug-ins are a vital part of me experiencing my day beyond how many things did I get crossed off my “to do” list. The more Truths I find and incorporate into my daily life, the more I experience that deeper resonance in my life.

What Truths have you incorporated into your work life? What Truths do you know about yourself that you might be able to incorporate into your work day? When was the last time you discovered a Truth about yourself? What was it?






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  • jennifer Jefferis

    Hi Jim, Thanks for sharing some of your “Truths.” Yes, they certainly are different for each of us and we know when we find them.

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