Hidden in Stone

 In Power of Relationships

“Every block of stone has a statute inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to find it”

– Michelangelo

I was in Vancouver BC earlier this year looking at the inspiring art work of Michelle Vulama, a renowned rock painter. Unlike Michelangelo, she finds the painting hidden in each rock. Without making any modification what so ever to the stone, she sees the painting on the surface of it waiting to be found.

She does not do simple, flat stone, one-dimensional rock paintings. She often incorporates the entire stone. She works with the organic nature of each rock to bring out what is hidden to the casual observer’s eye. It became clear to me that over the years she has trained her mind and eyes to see images that escape the rest of us.

Much like a block of stone, the important relationships in our lives have many sculptures and paintings waiting to be found- some even hidden to the stone itself. As any relationship deepens, there is more to be discovered. But we have to be searching for it- training our minds and eyes to recognize it. The more we appreciate the elemental nature of the other person, the more that is revealed and can be revered.

Whether it is with those we work with, our significant other, children or life long friends, there is an organic nature to each one. By training ourselves to see what is hidden we bring to light the great art of relationship in our lives.

What is it that you revere about those closest to you? What do you receive from them by the very nature of who they are? How often do you tell them?

When we bask in what each one of us are, and can be, is when we are seeing with the eyes of Michelangelo and Michelle Vulama.

If you are interested in Michelle’s art work, her website is www.michellevulama.com.

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  • Wendy Votroubek

    Such a great blog entry. Reminds me of your dad’s talk re the importance of relationships in business and life.

    • Jim Dwyer

      Thank you Wendy. Relationships are one of the most powerful forces in our lives. The more we focus on each relationships purposes, the more both receive from it.

  • Scott Lucas

    Beautifully said, Jim.

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