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Everything we do in our life can serve our personal and spiritual development. This applies equally to the practice of law. No matter how we may try, and I have tried separating my work life from the rest of my  life, it does not work. When I take the  dedication that I  give  to my clients and apply it to the purposes of work in terms of myself- everybody wins. Advancing who I am is never in conflict with the practice of law. It’s in complement. It  not only makes me a  better attorney, it serves the deeper purposes of my life.

The practice of law can be tough, demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Preparing  a case is a test of nerves- going over every possible detail so  nothing is missed and making sure the  message is on point. Whether you are a litigator or not, do civil or criminal work, plaintiff or defense, business, elder law or any other area of law, we help people protect what they value.

What do you value most about who you are and who you can become?  What is living inside of you that is waiting to come out into the world?  Advancing your personal and spiritual evolution lifts everyone around you.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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