The Caged Truth

by Jim Dywer

As modern men, we all hold truths about who we are and who we can become, but most of the time, it’s locked up inside. Sometimes we simply forget to give our truths attention, so they fade into the shadows. Other times, we consciously imprison them.

I locked up a truth for nine years. It called out to me, first quietly, then raging. With time, I learned how to recognize it and release it from its cage so I could live a fulfilled life across work, family, and self.

The Caged Truth teaches us that we are not necessarily living a lie when we don’t live our truths; we are simply not being everything who we are meant to be.

Becoming our truths is not always easy. We talk ourselves out of it because we are afraid of failing or looking like a fool. Sometimes we just stop thinking about it, but we always feel that caged animal rustling within.

There are ways to unlock our truths – keys to finding the life we are meant to live. The Caged Truth is about each man releasing his truths.

If you believe deep down that there must be more to being a lawyer – you are right and you have found a home to help you build it.

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