Dedicated to attorneys finding greater meaning

in their work and personal lives through the ideals, traditions, and principles of the practice of law.

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and I can’t wait to share it with you soon.
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I’m Jim Dwyer. I’m a lawyer, a father, a husband, a passionate cook and a dedicated friend. Mostly, I’m a seeker.

I’m all about:

  • Personal R&D
  • Being rather than doing
  • Listening to the wisdom of your own heart, mind, and soul
  • Utilizing the same knowledge I apply as an attorney: advocating for my clients and for my inner life
  • My wife and two daughters
  • A good bottle of wine shared with good friends

My law practice is all about:

  • Letting my clients focus on healing
  • Helping people navigate recovering from an injury
  • Treating people honorably
  • Peace of mind
  • Compassion and care
  • Advocating and protecting
  • Discovering who I am through the way I relate to my clients and coworkers

My life practice is all about:

  • Seeing how everything in my life – people, work, relationships – are there to help me live my best life and give the best of myself to them in return
  • Becoming the best version of myself
  • Seeing everyday life as a higher calling
  • Seeking greater meaning everywhere I look
  • Being as a reminder of what is really important in life

Tipping the Scales is all about:

Integration. That’s it in a nutshell. Plain and simple.

Tipping the Scales – It’s not about balance, as much as it is INTEGRATION. Integrating your work life and your personal life to make the best overall life possible for you.

Lady Justice is often blindfolded to insure impartiality and fairness. I’m here to take the blindfold off and expand the purposes of how we see life and the practice of law. It can be about more than you think.

The scales she holds are about justice being served. I’m about the scales being tipped in your favor — not to the detriment of anyone — but to your internal betterment. Extending the how and why of the practice of law to you.

It’s about tipping the scales to you, (an individual who just happens to be an attorney), to your relationships with law and life and how the two coincide.

Back to all those things you do that are meant to serve YOU even as you are being of service to your clients. It’s a lens for your life. A construct. A practice. An approach.

Are you ready to integrate your work life and your personal life to make the best overall life possible for you?
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