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I’m very lyrically driven with my music. I’ve always tuned in to the words of a song as much as the sound and feel of it. The right lyrics elevate a song for me. Growing up with a mom who was classically trained on the piano and put my dad through law school playing bar piano – I’m greatly drawn in to the power and subtlety of how a song is sung and played, which is why I love live performances.

Boy and Bear – Harlequin Dream

Favorite songs are: Old Town Blues Southern Sun and Arrow Flight

Comments: Arrow Flight is about meeting someone at the right place and time – and what that can mean in our life.

The Decemberists – The Crane Wife

Favorite songs: The Crane Wife 3, 1 and 2.

Comments: There are a number of reasons that I love this band. They are from Portland. They use a wide variety of instruments. Their lyrics can be wonderful and shocking. It was the first band that I took my daughters to hear live.

Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

Favorite songs: Lifeboats and The Lightning Strikes.

Comments: Lifeboats is a wonderful song about the up close nature of relationships.

U2 – Joshua Tree

Favorite song is One Tree Hill.

Comments: I first saw U2 in concert in 1981 in support of their October album. While in my second year of law school, I saw the Joshua Tree tour. It seems difficult to separate music from the place and time that you first heard it. Flashes of a time long ago spring up as if it was only yesterday and I enjoy that.

Shearwater – Animal Joy

Favorite song: Star of the Ages

Comments: Powerful lyrics and voices drive this album. Songs with conviction. I love that when you read some lyrics they don’t nearly convey what you understand when it is sung.

The Shins – Wincing the Night Away

Favorite song: Sea Legs

Comments: Another quirky group out of Portland. Their lyrics don’t always make sense to me, but the unique feel that is conveyed in every song is captivating.

R.E.M. – Automatic For The People

Favorite song: Nightswimming.

Comments: While they can put out good hard driving music, their albums can also be very contemplative. I love the imagery of this song and it reminds me of when I lived three blocks from the ocean in San Diego while going to law school. I’d boogie board at midnight in the summer time with friends. With only the light of the moon and pull of the water I could tell when it was the right time to ride a wave.

London Grammar – If You Wait

Favorite Song: If You Wait

Comments: The lead singer of the three-person group out of England has an incredibly powerful voice with an amazing range. I can’t wait to hear her live.

Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

Favorite Song: Laundry Room

Comments: “I am a breathing time machine. I take you all for a ride.”   Love the lyrics and the end of the song is great boot stomping stuff.

Beck’s Phases – Heart Is a Drum

Favorite Song: Morning Phases.

Comments: Frankly it’s hard to pick the best song on this album. It’s deep and very atmospheric – not how I expected to describe a Beck album.

Coldplay’s Viva – La Vida or Death And All His Friends

Favorite Song: Viva La Vida

Comments: The title song, Viva La Vida, is about the fall of the king; losing relevancy is never a good place to fall from, especially from a place of power. Talk about a great overall album with nary a weak spot. Creative, dynamic and not standard Coldpay stuff.

Genesis’ – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Favorite Song: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Comments: Great Album with an entertaining story that runs through it. If you don’t know it, you have to give it a listen. The title song is an all time classic. Peter Garbriel is a highly creative soul.

Micheal Jackson – Off The Wall.

Favorite Song: Off the Wall has to be my favorite song, but Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough is a very close second.

Comments: While I can’t remember where I was when I first heard this album, it was sometime in college. No one had a heard a sound like it. Incredible dance music and what a voice.

Pink Floyd’s – Wish You Were Here

Favorite Song – Wish You Were Here

I’ve learned to play one of the solo parts on the guitar of “Wish You Were Here”. Roy, an attorney in our office, has played for a number of years and he continues to teach me how to play the solo parts.

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