Dedicated to attorneys finding greater meaning in their work and personal lives.

Dedicated to attorneys finding greater meaning in their work and personal lives.


Where being a lawyer is part of living our best lives.



When we approach each day, experience and person, with an open mind and heart -- and with the perspective that there is something for us to learn, appreciate and grow from -- the potential and possibilities for our lives are endless.


There is an undeniable power in living the truths of who we are. It starts there. When we find the courage to live from the inside out, our lives and work are transformed.


A life of fulfillment is the direct result of living our commitments and being brave enough to work through the inevitable times of doubt and discomfort to create something extraordinary.


Loyalty allows us to see what logic tells us is impossible. It is a powerful force that allows us, and those most important to us, to live a life driven by possibility.


Tradition for its own sake is limiting. By merging the practice of law with the practice of life, we further open the doors to living our best lives.


When we bring all of who we are to everything we do – our lives, work and relationships are transformed. Integrating the different parts of our lives creates greater meaning and fulfillment.

“Jim embodies qualities rarely found among lawyers – authenticity, warmth, sincerity and courage. He is a practicing lawyer who has chosen to throw away the script that lawyers are supposed to follow to find a path that is in line with both his own values as well as the ethics required by our oath. Navigating our relationships to ourselves may be one of the most difficult yet worthwhile challenges we can take on not only as lawyers but as human beings.”

Jeena Cho
Author, The Anxious Lawyer
San Francisco Area Attorney


  • Utilizing the knowledge I apply as an attorney: advocating for my clients and for my inner life is understanding that the practice of law is part of the practice of life.
  • Living my best life and helping those around me doing the same.
  • How is the practice of law enriching your inner personal life? Let me know here.
  • Seeking greater meaning everywhere I look.
  • Discovering my deeper purpose so that I can live my truest life.
  • Where have you found deeper meaning in the practice of law? You can leave me a note here.
  • Discovering who I am through the way I relate to my clients and coworkers.
  • Seeing the practice of law as a healing art.
  • What is your law practice all about – for you? Let’s connect here.
  • Attorneys finding greater meaning in their work and personal lives through the ideals, deeper traditions, and principles of the practice of law.
  • Expanding the everyday experience of being a lawyer.
  • What is your life pursuit all about? Please join the conversation here.
  • So much of life is seemingly on a continuum.   When it comes to living my best life, I find that hard and fast rules are not as important as understanding where I optimally operate in the practice of law and life.
  • This is where I generally find myself.
  • Where do you see yourself? Let me know here.

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